Our Mission

Achieve sustainability in our operations, while bringing value and efficiency to our customers by providing high quality products and superior customer service.

Our Vision

To be known for setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence in our industry and community.

Our Values

Integrity – Fair and honest in all business transactions.
Teamwork – Working together to achieve superior results.
Excellence – Superior quality products and customer service.
Success – Contributing to the prosperity of our customers and employees while maintaining a healthy business model.

Founded by Family in 1986

In the early 80s Bob Copp, our Founder, had the idea to start a sheet metal shop to service HVAC contractors in the San Diego area. The idea was to keep people working consistently while also lessening the burden of a shop overhead for HVAC Contractors. In July of 1986, Bob and his wife Anne made this dream a reality.

Growth & Commitment to the Industry

Since that time, we have grown from a 5,000 sq. ft. shop laying out each part by hand; to a 40,000 sq. ft. fully automated shop employing as many as 100 artisans.

We manufacture Round, Rectangular and Flat Oval Ductwork, in a variety of gauges and materials. Our capabilities include the ability to download ductwork from contractor supplied CAD files directly to our CNC plasma cutting system, saving time and minimizing the opportunity for errors. Most notably, in 1999 we were the first firm on the west coast, and the only firm in San Diego, to successfully navigate the verification process for our shop standards by SMACNA’s Testing and Research Institute. The significance of this is to show our understanding and commitment to our industry’s most comprehensive rectangular duct construction standards, as well as to give our clients peace of mind that they are getting a performance tested product.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, each year we divert more than 85% of our waste from disposal. Recycling is truly part of our company culture.

85% or more of our waste from disposal is diverted each year

First firm to successfully navigate SMACNA’s verification process

36+ years in the metal fabrication industry with an unparalleled commitment to standards and quality.